shadu rasjidi (6)-1

Shadu Rasjidi Band

SRB (Shadu Rasjidi Band), a group of young Indonesian musicians, led by Shadu Shah Chaidar known as Shadu Rasjidi on bass. This band is backed by his brother, Qadra Shakuhachi known as Shaku Rasjidi on drums, and his relatives Fanny Kuncoro on keys, Ticco Laksana on guitar, and Fabion on saxophone. Together they produce a […]


Yuichiro Tokuda’s Ralyzz Dig

Yuichiro Tokuda’s RALYZZ DIG is a jazz collective of 5 extremely talented¬† musicians from the Japanese jazz scene. Yuichiro Tokuda / Sax & Vocal, Naoto Suzuki / Guitar, Kazuhiro Tamura / Piano, Kumpei Nakabayashi / Bass Gaku Hasegawa / Drums. Each member has his own story to tell as an individual musician as well as […]

CiJ Head Shot

Covered In Jazz

‘Covered in Jazz’ was formed in 2012 by students studying B(Mus) Popular Music degree at the University of Wolverhampton. Their repertoire covers an eclectic mix of jazz, blues and soul plus each member brings a unique sound to the band. Dale Phillips is a Guitarist and Vocalist who has performed worldwide over the last thirteen […]


The PhunkMob featuring Dawn Ho

A driving pulse with interplays of improvisatory rhythms. The PhunkMob was formed in mid 2006 and boasts a stellar line-up of Malaysia‚Äôs finest young jazz musicians including Fly on bass, Tok Khon aka TK on the keys, and Wan aka Gigi on guitar. The PhunkMob is the brainchild of drummer John Ashley Thomas, whose diverse […]