Heidi Mak


Luminous and electrifying, Heidi Mak is one of the most highly regarded singers in Asia. Born in United Kingdom, and grew up in New York City and Toronto, Heidi encapsulates a range of emotional and musical diversity unlike any other. She is in demand on stage as well as in the recording studio. Like a sculptor with raw materials, her musicianship brings out the character and beauty of each song.

Daughter of an Italian-and-German-Opera Tenor, and growing up to a wide range of musical passions, Heidi maneuvers with an exciting ease between classical to jazz to pop genres. Those who are lucky enough to catch her shows, know her by her incredibly dynamic fervor to glide from a graceful traditional prayer, to soulful blues, to hearty musical numbers.

A regular on newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, Heidi is one of the most sought after singers. She has worked with some of the finest musicians from all over the world.

In 2013, Heidi will be appearing in numerous shows and world festivals.

More exciting announcements includes her upcoming one-woman satirical show “High Maintenance Bitch” which will be premiered on 31 October 2013 at the Hong Kong Fringe Club.


“Awesome vocals”… “Singer Heidi Mak isn’t held down by labels. She can belt out show tunes, pop songs and even a dance mix with the best of them. ” – Caroline Chan, show host of ‘RHYTHM CITY’ RTHK3.