Nina Van Horn


You don’t listen to NINA VAN HORN, you also have to watch her perform!

This former dancer has been on stage since she was 14 and it shows each time she hits the stage. She started as a classical dancer and performed with the Lyric Company of France, even started a lyrical career when it was discovered that she could sing. She was a Soprano Colorature for some years but did not find her footing in it and decided to become a country singer while living in Texas. Her adventures lead her to New Orleans where she found her real interest in blues.

Nina Van Horn was selected twice to represent France at the Festiblues of Montreal and her last cd/dvd Ashima was also sent to the Memphis Blues Challenge by France Blues.

According to her bassist, she is the hardest working blues woman in show business. She has travelled to India, Argentina, Malaysia, Europe and soon China with an endless message : Love and Music is the answer.

She has an exceptional charisma that hits the audience wherever she goes.