No single criteria will be used but a combination of factors will be considered when selecting artistes for WYJF. The usual pull attraction factor of the artiste is important. Funding from sponsors and other institutions will determine favourably as WYJF is a “FREE FESTIVAL” where no admission fee or tickets are charged. Befitting the vision to turn the WYJF into THE UNITED NATION OF WORLD YOUTH JAZZ, artistes from all over the world will be invited based on availability of funds and assistance from the various embassies and cultural institutions to cover all cost aspects.

Artistes wishing to perform at WYJF can apply by writing or emailing to:

103, Pesiaran Desa Ampang 4,
Taman Sri Ampang,
68000 Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Please include in your application the following:

  1. Stage names of members of your whole band or yourself alone if you are performing solo. Contact person, manager or person responsible who will be signing the WYJF Performance Agreement
  2. Name as written in the valid international passport complete with passport number of each member.
  3. The instruments each member plays including vocals. At WYJF we treat vocals also as an instrument, a powerful one at that.
  4. Address and contact numbers and emails of all members and the next of kin to be contacted in cases of emergency.
  5. Websites/Facebooks/Twitters/YouTube and any other social media that you and your members may have.
  6. Resume/Biography/Discography
  7. Digital photos/posters etc that can be used in the WYJF website and promotional purposes in the event of being selected
  8. Media coverage of your act.
  9. Demo CD, DVD or links to any online portals.
  10. The technical and hospitality riders that you wish to have for your performance at WYJF including mixing/patching and instrument set-ups on stage. This request may however not be fully met by WYJF in which case best substitute will be offered.
  11. Tell us why you are interested to perform at WYJF.
  12. The relevance of your performance towards making WYJF the UNITED NATIONS OF WORLD YOUTH JAZZ
  13. Your expected fee, if any, and possibility of you getting sponsored by your country’s related Ministry of Cultural/Music Institutions or corporations for your airfares, fees etc to the perform at WYJF.