17th scene is a pop,jazz,RnB and fusion music driven band. Most of the members came from experienced musical performing background around Klang Valley. The band consist of Ako(guitar), Eric(Piano), Ariff(bass), Epul(drum), Amir(Sax) and Richo(Vocal).
They met all of their band members trough the music institute where they attended school together. During their days as a music student, nothing could have stop them from finding the similarities of passion, hard work, and love for beautiful art of music.

In the meantime, their journey in finding the right frontman to deliver a great melodies comes to a beautiful path. This band was blessed to have a 2008 Indonesian Idol finalist, Dede Richo as a vocalist.
The band is now ready to pursuit their ambition in performing infront of music lover around the globe and sharing their view and philosophy in music.