Slef Vesitra

Formerly known as Sam Triggy, Sam Leftrite and G-Man, and has amazed the world before with his unique three guitar playing simultaneously. ‘Slef’ is a re-born personality, with new style and his new extension merely called ‘Vesitra’. This instrument marks Slef new ideas and innovations that portrays in his latest compositions.

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Syech Razie

Syech Razie has been into music since elementry school and went on to earn the following credentials.

Best rock vocalist : East Java, Indonesia Finalist Rock Festival 1992.
Starting from 1993 become more interesting to learn and play Oud (12 strings Arabic music Instrument) and arabic vocal skills.

1995 – 2010 he stayed in UAE and Kingdom of […]

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Twelf Notes

A group of twelve people combined together trying to create good funky music with a taste of rock and bold horns section.

The band Twelf Notes was created in 2011 by Kimie (drummer) and Leo (former bassist) and played their 1st gig under the Putrajaya/Cyberjaya Jazz Comm with other former members that are Abe(guitar), Fiffi(Keys), and […]

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17th Scene

17th scene is a pop,jazz,RnB and fusion music driven band. Most of the members came from experienced musical performing background around Klang Valley. The band consist of Ako(guitar), Eric(Piano), Ariff(bass), Epul(drum), Amir(Sax) and Richo(Vocal).
They met all of their band members trough the music institute where they attended school together. During their days as a music […]

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Evie Fernandez with JUNY

EVIE FERNANDEZ At barely 22 years of age, Evelyn Feroza Fernandez, fondly known as Evie is relatively fresh in the professional music scene. Although very much into current favourites like Bruno Marz, Ed Sheeran, Pink and even Amy Winehouse, this soulful young lady refers to herself as an old
soul, for she finds her greatest inspiration […]

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N The Boys

The Boys was founded about 25 years ago and with The Boys, two great names in our local music industry was born namely Ella and Shima. These two legends was coached and nurtured by the founder of The Boys, Lord and till today, Lord is still in the music scene and now teamed up again […]

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It seems to Fieldplayers that every sweet sound comes from a harmonious heart. It is here in the sweet sound of music and the spirit of harmonious heart that had led them together.
Fieldplayers are musicians with a musical heart. A musical heart that sings and plays. There were moments during the early days of their […]

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Ticco Laksana w/ Janardana Project

Another student of Idang Rasjidi, Ticco Laksana started his music career in the small town of Yogyakarta as a blues guitar player. He began his jazz career when he joined Idang Rasjidi Syndicate as a guitar player in 2010.

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The Fingers

This collective starts of from Indro Hardjodikoro “Feels Free” concert at Erasmus Huis on 5th May 2010. Indro, together with his students Fajar Adi Nugroho, formed a group called Indro Hardjodikoro and The Fingers.

With this formation it allows for duo bassist, Fajar and Indro, to improvised while there’s backline bass still playing based on jazz-funk […]

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Jilly Likumahuwa & Jazzy Juice

Initially, band leader of J Band, then of BraMa Band in 1997 which name was changed to JiLLY LiKUMAHUWA with Her Banda Bra-Ma. Jilly does not only play Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova & Samba, but also Batucada, Forro, MPB, Samba Cancao, Pagode, Musica Sertaneja, Axe, and a variety of Brazilian rhythm & music.

To seriously explore […]

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