Matthew Sayersz

Matthew Sayersz was born in Bandung ,Indonesia on May 28, 1988. Raised in a family that has a deep love for music, he appeared in a reality show called “Star Search Star” in 2006 and was the runner-up winner. He has accompanied renowned bands such as The Rasjidi Syndicate, Lopin Loop Band, Benny & Young […]

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Nada Akustika

Nada Akustika comprises of five siblings and a long-time school friend. The six musicians are Diana Adzeanty (21) on vocals, Dini (18) on bass, Danial (16) ob guitars, Ammar (13) on Cello, Nisa (12) on violin, and Zakhwan Haqim (15) on percussions.

Nada Akustika were formed in 2012 as recording artists for Nuansa Studio.

They’ve been crowned […]

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Nicole & Carlo with RSDC

NICOLE and CARLO — After creating and performing music together for almost 5 years, the sibling revelry that Nicole and Carlo provides never ceases to amaze their diverse audience. Their witty personalities and energetic stage presence, along with their unique renditions of both popular tunes, classics and jazz standards add up to a gathering filled […]

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Hady Afro

Hady was interviewed by MIRROR Magazine as a role model for Malaysia Youth on Unity Association in 2011 forging Malaysian identity towards national unity. ‘Buletin Beringin’ Magazine wrote about his winning of the 1st runner up for 1st Malaysia International Guitar Festival and Competition 2007.

Hady was born on 17th November 1987 in Kuala Lumpur. His […]

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