EVIE FERNANDEZ At barely 22 years of age, Evelyn Feroza Fernandez, fondly known as Evie is relatively fresh in the professional music scene. Although very much into current favourites like Bruno Marz, Ed Sheeran, Pink and even Amy Winehouse, this soulful young lady refers to herself as an old
soul, for she finds her greatest inspiration from old greats including Ray Charles, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Shirley Bassey. Just like her idols, Evie does not believe that any song should be sung in vain. Which is one of the possible reasons why she has been making waves around local pubs, mesmerizing listeners with her heart-felt renditions of blues, jazz and classic rock . She’s known to touch her listeners hearts deeply.

JUNY JU/NY is a pianist & drummer/arranger duo hailing from the United States. Known for their diverse range of styles, Jupiter 7 and ‘Fatboy’ Tony Parker have quickly established themselves as frontrunners in the Asian Music Industry.

From jazz to Funk, Hip Hop to Electronic, what makes JU/NY special is their ability to perform with an intuitiveness and musical perceptivity that one can only attain through years of experience.

JU/NY has taken their eclectic sound of JazzHip-Hop/R&B/Dance/EDM to many stages across the globe. They have had the opportunity to perform alongside well known acts in the US and Asia. Snoop Dogg, Thaitanium, Scott Savol (top 4 American Idol finalist), Grammy award winning artist Allen Swoope, Marvin Sapp, Cassandra Wilson, Tony Lakatos, are just a few of the artists they have shared the stage with.
Truly a delight to watch on stage, one can sense the artistic connection between these two exceptional artists, having perfected the balance of their two instruments and sounds.

From smaller venues, to TV appearances in the US, to festivals, JU/NY knows what it means to put on a show!