It seems to Fieldplayers that every sweet sound comes from a harmonious heart. It is here in the sweet sound of music and the spirit of harmonious heart that had led them together.
Fieldplayers are musicians with a musical heart. A musical heart that sings and plays. There were moments during the early days of their musical life, that they heard a mysterious sound that was so beautiful that they unconsciously made affectionate associations with that sweet sound. From that time onwards, their heart kept on singing; singing to please one’s heart with the sweet sound of music.
To some of them, they regard sound as a physical reality as real as matter, together with light, space and time which elementary properties make up the universe during the beginning of Time. They are simply amazed by the natural sweetness of a single ‘perfect tone’ intoned by a musical instrument. Indeed, they may say that many of them spend half their lifetime searching for the perfect tone; study its color, examine its brightness, feel its vibration, visualize its roundness and to understand its character as to suit their ears as well as to match the harmonious feeling in their hearts. They believe that music travels harmoniously in straight line from heart to heart.
They fill in the atmosphere with the big sound of a Big Band which dynamic yet comforting tunes are renowned for their easy, vigorous and elegant taste, and which style of music arrangement is leaned towards improvisation, which eventually allows performers to exercise the freedom of greater expression whilst imprint long lasting impression.
When the right beat starts to hit the drums and rolls on the eardrums, the feeling of displeasure slowly disappears and a sense of touch is easily evoked into the atmosphere by the sweet melody from Fieldplayers , and if lucky enough, love would come home unexpectedly to the lonely hearts, whose empty rooms have long remained void, in the vastness meaning of life in where only holy curiosity would answer it right.
When music takes in full possession of one’s heart, music takes ones up to man-made conception of paradise. Fieldplayers claim no credit to those who are arrested by the sweet sound of music. It is just that the sweet sound of music which flows from the fine hands of good musicians is capable of healing as well as slaying one’s heart.
Fieldplayers have spared for their beloved listeners a large room in their heart that fills with evocative melodies, sweet tunes and imaginative lyrics where acquaintances are constantly renewed into fine spirit of friendships, contented passion of companionship and reminiscent affection of kinship. Their music captures moments in time, bringing in together poignant memories, good friends and good time. Fieldplayers is here to stay in this realm, in the grander and gentle art of caressing that delicate something of the untouchable heart.