Matthew Sayersz was born in Bandung ,Indonesia on May 28, 1988. Raised in a family that has a deep love for music, he appeared in a reality show called “Star Search Star” in 2006 and was the runner-up winner. He has accompanied renowned bands such as The Rasjidi Syndicate, Lopin Loop Band, Benny & Young Likumahuwa Jazzy Connections, Farabi Youth Big Band, Dwiki Dharmawan’s Project and Barry Likumahuwa Project.

Matthew also provides his vocals in Indonesian albums, such as his latest solo album Yuni Shara, Dr Bram’s Project (co-Tohpati compilation album), and Nita Aartsen album. Matthew was invited to music events for Malaysia’s TV3 Mentor Show in 2006, Taichunk Jazz Festival in October 2006, the Bangkok Jazz Festival in Thailand in 2010 together with Barry Likumahuwa Project , Macau Revolution Festival 2009, Impact Conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in 2011, and the ASEAN Jazz Festival 2012 together with the Starlite Band. Currently pursuing his solo career, he has released his first Pop and R&B single with Rayi “Ran” titled “Extra” produced by Glenn Fredly.

Other notable performances such as at the Java Jazz Festival 2012, The Drums Festival & Venlo Floriade 2012 in Netherlands, Brand Choice Awards 2012 at The Hall Senayan City, Noname Cafe in Batam in 2012, and together with Andi Rianto Deluxe Symphony on Metro TV. Debut of his first solo album titled “Love and Affection”, produced by Tohpati has been released in Indonesia.