MUNIROS – a local based instrumental band that consists of superb musicians with over 30 years of experience in the industry and recently launched their “Human Factor” album. For this showcase, they will be presenting all the tracks in “Human Factor” and some other originals to be unveiled in upcoming projects.

The album is a 5-track instrumental LP, recorded in Malaysia and mastered in the United States. It portrays MUNIROS’ expressions of life philosophies in their tracks, mainly in smooth jazz and fusion rock. One of the tracks in the album “Jalan Ampas” is a special homage to Allahyarham Tan Sri P Ramlee and Jalan Ampas’ Malay movie era of glory and success.

Munir Samsudin : drums
Rozek Abd Rashid : bass
Shaharil Samsuddin : keyboard
Fadzil Anuar : guitar