NICOLE and CARLO — After creating and performing music together for almost 5 years, the sibling revelry that Nicole and Carlo provides never ceases to amaze their diverse audience. Their witty personalities and energetic stage presence, along with their unique renditions of both popular tunes, classics and jazz standards add up to a gathering filled with positive vibes and great music. Currently enjoying the receptive and pleasant response they received for their newly-launched CD “Simula” (Beginning), Nicole and Carlo continue to tell stories about their journey as siblings, artists and musicians through their original compositions – songs that evoke feelings of yearning, adventure, hope, joy and love.

RSDC is an instrumental quartet from the Philippines comprising of Juni Sitaca, Migs Raneses, Gabe Cabonce and Given Bacani on keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, respectively.

RSDC was formed with the intent of combining each member’s passion for different styles of music. Their sound can be described as a fusion of Jazz, Rock, Funk and Pop. All members of RSDC are professionally involved in the Philippine music scene. Both Juni and Migsare teachers in local music schools while Gabe and Given are full-time session musicians. They treat their music and group as an escape from the imposed pressures and note-for-note responsibilites of their lives as professional musicians and as a return to their love of expressing honest music to others.