3 Chords

The band consists of 4 young musicians from different parts […]


Having been around in the scene for the past five […]

Eizaz Azhar Afterburner Project

Eizaz Azhar is the Managing Director and founder of the […]


A singer-songwriter whose career is spiralling upwards in the industry. […]

Mazlina & The Red Velvet

It all happened when she was working in The Zon […]


MUNIROS – a local based instrumental band that consists of […]


Ushera, the spirited Bohemian diva, combines her crisp, airy vocals […]

Bassment Syndicate

The BASSment Syndicate brings a fresh new sound for music […]

Rino Deza Pati

Learning music from the age of 6, Rino Dezapati has […]

Sweet Notes Jazz

Sweet Notes Jazz was formed in 2006 playing Jazz, Pop, […]

Slef Vesitra

Formerly known as Sam Triggy, Sam Leftrite and G-Man, and […]

Syech Razie

Syech Razie has been into music since elementry school and […]

Twelf Notes

A group of twelve people combined together trying to create […]

17th Scene

17th scene is a pop,jazz,RnB and fusion music driven band. […]

Evie Fernandez with JUNY

EVIE FERNANDEZ At barely 22 years of age, Evelyn Feroza […]

N The Boys

The Boys was founded about 25 years ago and with […]


It seems to Fieldplayers that every sweet sound comes from […]

Ticco Laksana w/ Janardana Project

Another student of Idang Rasjidi, Ticco Laksana started his music […]

The Fingers

This collective starts of from Indro Hardjodikoro “Feels Free” concert […]

Jilly Likumahuwa & Jazzy Juice

Initially, band leader of J Band, then of BraMa Band […]

Matthew Sayersz

Matthew Sayersz was born in Bandung ,Indonesia on May 28, […]

Nada Akustika

Nada Akustika comprises of five siblings and a long-time school […]

Nicole & Carlo with RSDC

NICOLE and CARLO — After creating and performing music together […]

Hady Afro

Hady was interviewed by MIRROR Magazine as a role model […]