The Boys was founded about 25 years ago and with The Boys, two great names in our local music industry was born namely Ella and Shima. These two legends was coached and nurtured by the founder of The Boys, Lord and till today, Lord is still in the music scene and now teamed up again with the other members of The Boys to colour our music industry.

During all these years, Lord, (guitarist, keyboardist, vocal) continues with the band, Lord Justice , and played all over Malaysia and other parts of South East Asia mainly in Australia with TDC. Lord has performed for private functions in the Istana in Kedah, Selangor,Johor and has entertained many dignitaries and VIPs. Lord later teams up with The Strollers but somehow Lord yearns to have The Boys back into the music industry and at the moment has just finished recording his new songs.

N The Boys, are joined by a very talented guitarist – Soon King. The other members never noticed that he is a Chinese because Soon is such a good natured person and easily acceptable by everyone. His hardworking attitude won over Lord’s and Ayie’s admiration for the young man. After finishing his education at Form Six, Soon started his career as a sound engineer and maintain being a sound engineer for more than 10 years, thus enabling him to understand everything he needs to know about pursuing his one passion of being a good and successful guitarist plus a special bonus of a beautiful voice. Born in Gemas, Johor he is a ardent fan of Dire Straits and the Beatles.

Keyboardist Satiman, is another member of The Boys and has a wide experience in the club scene. He was also once married to Shima but being young at the time, they were separated and now Satiman is happily married to a wonderful and beautiful Japanese.
Shiz Fairus use to play the drums for the band, ‘Sky’, who is very active in the ‘Indie’ scene. He was a former student of Aswara and being a quiet person by nature, he silently but surely join The Boys and was immediately accepted by the others.
Harun, the bass player for the band has over 25 years of experience playing in clubs all over Asia mainly Taiwan, Phillipines, Indonesia, Singapore etc. He has played with bands like Splash, Bonfire, Anthem and is well known for being a ‘cool’ guy with a very pleasant and friendly personality.

The Boys are currently playing in Clubs and functions all over Malaysia and plays music from the 60’s till now. The acceptance of their fans and club patrons are very encouraging and never was there a night when the audience was not entertained.