A group of twelve people combined together trying to create good funky music with a taste of rock and bold horns section.

The band Twelf Notes was created in 2011 by Kimie (drummer) and Leo (former bassist) and played their 1st gig under the Putrajaya/Cyberjaya Jazz Comm with other former members that are Abe(guitar), Fiffi(Keys), and Yien(Sax). Their first interest at that time was to play fusion jazz instrumental stuff. The band members are music students and former students from UiTM and ASWARA. They intended to start the band as a bridge to create a bigger music community and good relationship between the two music education institution.

The band evolved later on when the other members joined. With bigger horns section than before they intend to play music with much more bigger sound and strong arrangements that can give a big impact to the audience and listeners and still keeping the funky groove that people can dance with.

They hope that they can create a lot more music in the future and having fun performing together as much as possible.

Mohammad Firdaus – Vocalist
Mohd Azirien Ishak – Tenor Saxophone
Zharif Zaki – Alto Saxophone
Farit Izwan – Alto Saxophone
Khairul Anuar – Trombone
Ashyraff Andan – Trumpet
Ahmad Ridhwan Ibrahim – Guitar
Shaikh Syafiq – Guitar
Afifi Adzlan – Keyboards/Piano
Muhd Tareeq Aziz – Bass
Hakimi Aziz – Drums
Rahmat Riza – percussion