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In an inimitable way, the international ensemble blends the melancholy of the Cape Verdean Islands with a generous portion of sweeping Cuban rumba, salsa and adventurous jazz.The result: 100% CaboCubaJazz.

Both the listener and the dancer are taken on a journey where desire, passion, subtlety and musical fire alternate. Their debut album “Rikeza y Valor” garnered rave reviews worldwide. CaboCubaJazz performed in Canada, Thailand, Cuba, Germany, Finland, Israel, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Norway and of course in the Netherlands. Singer Dina Medina was elected ‘best female singer of Cape Verde’ in 2012.

They have performed at the prestigious Havana Jazz Festival to present their brand new new album ‘Corason Africano’. It features beautiful contributions by legendary Cape Verdean composers, performed CaboCubaJazz – style!

Performance Schedule

Friday, 5 May 2017
10.45pm – 11.45pm


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