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Sophie Bright Quintet

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Sophie Bright Bio:
Sophie Bright is 12-year-old trombonist and trumpeter, who studies music in the “talent program” in Switzerland. She has discovered jazz as trombonist in Swing Kids, a popular Swiss big band directed by Dai Kimoto. With the band she played at international festivals and concert tours in Japan, France, Germany, Argentina and Paraguay. Sophie’s technical skill, tone quality and musicianship have been acknowledged as she went to win several top prizes in youth music contests. Sophie’s ultimate passion is jazz improvisation. She enjoys inventing tunes – and what can be more fun than doing this in front of an enthusiastic audience? Collecting the energizing experiences of international jazz culture, Sophie played at jam jazz sessions in Switzerland, Germany, Norway, UK and Russia. She is now eager to discover the Asian jazz scene.

Luca Schambeck Bio:
Luca Schambeck was born in 2002 in St. Gallen (Switzerland) and is playing drums since 2007. Between January 2015 and Summer 2016 he was drummer of “Dai Kimoto’s Swing Kids”. He is in the third class of secondary school, department talent school for musicians. His teachers are Orlando Ribar (drums), Marcel Schefer (piano) and Nathalie Merten (vocal training). At the moment, he is founding his own jazz-band with former members of the Swing Kids: Sophie Bright (trombone and trumpet) and Leandro Graschi (piano). Luca Schambeck performed already with Claude Diallo (p), Amik Guerra (trp), Pepe Lienhard (sax) and many more.

Kristina Bright Bio:
Kristina Bright is a geology student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich), where she studies natural history of Earth and also plays flute with a well-known Swiss university big band – the Polyband. As a four-year old growing up in Paris, she already had a clear answer to the question “Where do you come from?” – “I am international” she always replied. Indeed! Having lived in 5 different counties, she speaks Russian and Mandarin alongside three European languages. While in Shanghai, she immersed herself into the local music culture and learnt to play dizi flute. She loves meeting people, exploring different cultures, traveling the world to study the harshness and the beauty of natural formations, and playing jazz music on the way. After all, it’s so easy to fit a flute in a rucksack!

Claude Diallo Bio:
After his last performance at the WYJF in Kuala Lumpur with his trio Claude Diallo Situation he decided to come back with this special project consisting of some of the most talented youth in Eastern Switzerland. Claude Diallo travels around the world with his music and presents his original compositions and innovative concepts performing Jazz Standards to a broad audience. In Switzerland he won many awards and recognition for his work.

Marina Zaini Bio:
Marina Zaini had her early training as a classical double bassist in University of Alberta Canada. Professionally involved in the KL music scene both in double bass and electric bass playing since 2011. Currently working as an orchestra member for NSO-National Symphony Orchestra. Backed a few local independent artists like Xiong Lee, Ushera and Yuka Kharisma. You shall not be surprise to see her in the orchestra cockpit tonight and grooving some funky stuffs at clubs or pubs tomorrow night. She highly believes with vast experiences and hard work in performing shall only make us a better musician. Inspired by many great bass players such as Esperanza Spalding, Victor Wooten, Edgar Meyer, Avishai Cohen and Niels-Henning Orsted Pederson.

Performance Schedule

Saturday, 6 May 2017
7.45pm – 8.30pm


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