Performers Fingerstyle FINGERSTYLE, the 2nd Generation of the Legendary Group in Sabah, Laserbeam. Being Well-Trained by Mr Ritchie Laserbeam to his Two (2) Sons, Syuwari Ritchie & Syuraih Ritchie & friends. Special Appearance, Mr Ritchie himself on Guitar / Keyboard & Ida Said as Lead Vocals... VICTORY ACHIEVEMENTS:- 2010 [...]

Harry Toledo & The Turbulence Of Soul

Performers Harry Toledo & The Turbulence Of Soul Bass guru Harry Toledo is an incredibly talented yet down-to-earth man. President of the Indonesia Bass Family, he has performed with many renowned personalities. He’s even sessioned for Katy Perry’s “Roar” (2013)! Through the years, Harry’s career as a renowned bassist gained [...]