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Gilang Ramadhan

Indonesian drummer Gilang started playing a variety of musical instruments at a young age. In 1973 Gilang studied playing the piano and organ under the stewardship of acclaimed composer Slamet Abdul Sjukur in France. Soe Tjen Marching beat techniques were passed on to Gilang by Slamet.

Gilang also majored in percussions from City College, Los Angeles in 1984. Gilang has performed with several bands in the United States including the Los Angeles City College Big Band Jazz.

Back home in Indonesia, Gilang has performed with various renowned home grown bands such as Lesmana, Indra and Benny Likumahuwa.

Since 1992, Gilang remains the only drummer in Indonesia to obtain the sponsorship of Zildjian Cymbal Company of the United States.