Project Description



Margasatwa is a Malaysian Rock group formed by 5 young men from 5 different states of Malaysia. The founding members are Kimal, Syahir Majid, Fadhil Imran James, Shahir Samsi and Shadiq Sapian. Kimal (23) from Paka, Terengganu who had won the audition for Luncai Emas Let’s Nyanyi program during M.Nasir’s 2016 Tour was absorbed to be part of the Luncai Emas legacy as a singer and composer & lyricist.

During one of the recording sessions at Luncai Emas’ infamous Ronggeng Studio, Kimal had met Syahir (19) from Taiping, Perak who just started his practical as an UPSI student majoring in drums and percussions.

The 70s psychedelic and traditional Malay rhythms had influenced Syahir who introduced Kimal to the top guitarists in UPSI at that time, namely Fadhil (20) from Sandakan, Sabah, the truly unique guitarist noted as the blues master of UPSI, and Shahir (20) from Batu Cave, KL who dropped out of the same school but was hailed as an innovator, and an expert at manipulating tone and chords. Shadiq (20) from Bentong, Pahang who was the best Cellist in UPSI had joined the band as the bass player and have since been the groove master for Margasatwa.

Kimal had shared his songs with the other founding band members and after a number of all-night jam sessions to establish rapport & chemistry amongst them , ended signing themselves up as Margasatwa.