Project Description


Pharaohs of Neptune

The Pharaohs of Neptune are actually a bunch of aliens from Neptune. They are no ordinary Neptunians; they love an art form that originated from Earth called music. Are they good? On Neptune yes. On planet Earth? We don’t know yet. Des wai wi nid yu gais tu kam en wach.

After travelling to earth to pursue their passion, they met a friend called Professor youtube and furthered their studies at the Youtube School of music.

What about experience? They came all the way from Neptune. OF COURSE THEY ARE NEW!

They have performed at various stages in Kuala Lumpur such as No Black Tie, Alexis, ATAS by BijanFX and many more.

Band Members

Syed H Daniel – T. Sax
Imran Aiman – A. Sax
Zairul Azreen – Guitar
Jason @ Jamal – Keys
Izham Reduzan – Bass
Haziq Alias – Perc
Herman Kamal – Drum 1
Sam Thomas – Drum 2