Performers Fieldplayers Fieldplayers is a New Age Malaysian band which attempts to mix traditional Malay sounds with modern jazz elements. They fill in the atmosphere with the big sound of a Big Band which dynamic yet comforting tunes are renowned for their easy, vigorous and elegant taste, and [...]



Performers Newsound Established in 2016 by internationally acclaimed Malaysian jazz pianist John Dip Silas, NewSound is a modern jazz ensemble based in Kuala Lumpur that is taking the regional music scene by storm. The band name says it all, as their mission is to push the boundaries and limitations of [...]

Imran Ahmed Trio


Performers Imran Ahmed Trio Imran Ahmed Trio- A group consisting of Imran Ahmed(Guitar), Mohaimin Karim(Bass) and Arjo Sreshtho(Drums). The trio have been performing extensively throughout Dhaka and are always working towards establishing a prominent jazz scene in the country of Bangladesh by arranging events that are focused around free jazz [...]